Hydraulic Works Plumbing in WA

Alongside our electrical expertise, we also provide numerous plumbing services across Perth. Our team know their way around plumbing and are well trained in numerous services, from plumbing and gas to environmental and air conditioning solutions. As a result, Multiple Trades & Maintenance are an ideal business to call for any plumbing or gas needs you have.

Plumbing and gas

The vast majority of buildings, whether residential, commercial or industrial, require running water. We understand this need, so we strive to offer ideal hot water systems. Furthermore, we can also help resolve blocked drains, and leaking taps, as well as providing professional services for renovations and new homes.


Our team can install a number of systems to help make your water use more environmentally friendly. This includes sewage treatment systems, to better dispose of waste, and grey water systems, which can put used water to good use elsewhere. These systems help any building make the most from their water, as well as ensuring it is disposed of in the correct and safe way.


If you need better energy efficiency, our hot water systems can help. We can install a variety of such systems, to help give you hot water when you need it, all while being much more manageable.


Plumbing & Gas

-Hot Water Systems
-New Homes
-Blocked Drains
-Leaking Taps


-Sewage Treatment Systems
-Grey Water Systems


-Hot Water Systems

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