The Trusted Name for Wastewater Treatment in WA, Perth
Multiple Trades & Maintenance is the state distributer for Ozzi Kleen in Western Australia.

OZZI KLEEN has been a trusted name in sewage treatment since the 1990s. As an Australian owned and operated manufacturer, Suncoast Waste Water Management developed and released the range of domestic OZZI KLEEN products into the market after decades of experience in commercial applications. By installing an OZZI KLEEN Sewage Treatment System you can join the many thousands of households already enjoying the benefits of an endless supply of recycled water to reuse on your property for watering gardens, lawns and trees.

The OZZI KLEEN Sewage Treatment System treats up to 2,000 litres of waste water every day. Operating on a cyclic, fully aerobic basis, wastewater treatment is highly efficient, processing it into clear odourless irrigation water in hours.

Benefits to You

OZZI KLEEN Sewage Treatment Systems allow you to keep using all your favourite non-oil-based household cleaners, disinfectants and bleaches (in normal use), processing them into harmless compounds. This enables you to go about your normal day-to-day activities with peace of mind.

Easy & Cost Effective to Install – Almost Invisible

The OZZI KLEEN RP10 is only 2.7m high x 1.95m diameter and weighs approximately 400kg. It can be installed quickly, easily and economically by a single mini-excavator, even on sites with severely restricted access. Compare this with some other systems, which can weigh anything up to 6 tonnes. When installed in your garden, only the compact, unobtrusive, low-level control box is visible, and even that can be easily hidden by plants.

ADVANCED Model Available
The Advanced Model has an added function known as ‘Nutrient Reduction’. The quality of the treated water from the ‘Advanced System’ is to a higher standard, making it suitable for reuse in environmentally restricted applications. Ideal for: Highly Sensitive Catchment Areas, Canal Blocks, Small Size Blocks and Reducing Buffer Zones (check with local authorities).

No Septic Odours – 100% Aerobic Non-Septic System
The OZZI KLEEN RP10 Sewage Treatment System has no septic odours because the oxygenated water does not permit septic decomposition at all. It is the septic decomposition, or ‘anaerobic’ processes in other home sewerage systems that produce those nasty unpleasant odours. Even the final irrigation water produced by an OZZI KLEEN sewage treatment system has no offensive odours.


Benefits to you

Single, durable polyethylene tank
Lightweight and easy to install
No septic odours – 100% aerobic non-septic process
Lower running cost due to OZZI KLEEN cyclic aeration process
15 year Manufacturer’s Warranty on tank
Use your favourite bleaches and disinfectants
Copes with most antibiotics
No septic tank pump outs required
Easily handles large inflow variations (emptying spa baths, multiple washing loads etc)
Recycles water to reuse on gardens, lawns and trees

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