Remote Area Support

Our head office, warehouse and main workshop in Bassendean services and supplies our branches in Leinster, Leonora, Morowa and Perenjori.
We’re able to range state-wide while maintaining continuous supply and supervision.
Local management on the remote sites, combined with Perth-linked supply lines and access to human resources, gives MTM the capability, capacity and flexibility to service projects of any size and scale.

Rapid Mobilization Sub-contractor Pool.

We also have a pool of on-call, pre-qualified sub-contractors who are fully conversant with our operating standards, safety requirements, systems and processes. This ensures maximum continuity and minimum downtime on existing projects.


Environment & Sustainability

MTM is committed to minimizing the impact of its operations on all aspects of the environment in a manner which complies with Clients’ policies and procedures and is socially responsible according to contemporary standards.

MTM will advocate the installation and use of energy efficient technologies where opportunity arises to minimize the carbon footprint of our worksites.

Our operating processes define strategies for preventing pollution and negating the possibility of damage to the flora and fauna of the locations in which we work and include:

Clear definition of roles and responsibilities within the organisation.
Well-communicated plans, procedures and work standards.
Thorough employee inductions.
Periodic monitoring and audit of all operations.

Apprenticeship & Indigenous Skills Programs

Trade assistants and skilled labour/operators are important human resources of MTM.

As a training-focused employer, one of our core polices is to continually develop apprenticeship, Indigenous and work experience programs in the electrical, refrigeration and plumbing fields.

At any one time, we have between 5 and 15 individuals participating in these programs.

On-call Equipment Fleet

We own all our vehicles, plant and machinery… enabling us to move faster and more responsively than many larger contractors:

Drain Cameras • Excavators • Compactors • Generators • Crimpers • Back Hoes • Tip Trucks • Waste Trucks • Bobcats • Light Vehicles

No uncertainty as to reliability due to our Internal Maintenance Program.

No holdups while we wait for operators to be trained on equipment.

All technicians have mine specification vehicles.


  • Camps
  • Power Stations
  • Power Lines
  • Heavy Vehicle Workshops
  • Transformer Installs & Changeouts
  • Labour & Equipment Hire

Data Cabling & Communication

  • Structured Cabling
  • Security Systems
  • Smart Wiring


  • Controlled Waste
  • Sewage Treatments
  • Grey Water Systems


  • PV System Design & Installation
  • Energy-efficient, Hot Water Systems

Refrigeration & Airconditioning

  • Systems
  • Coolrooms
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